Efferent connections of the lateral hypothalamic area of the rat: an autoradiographic investigation

Brain Res Bull. 1982 May;8(5):511-26. doi: 10.1016/0361-9230(82)90009-0.


The efferent projections of the lateral hypothalamic area (LHA) at mid-tuberal levels were examined with the autoradiographic tracing method. Connections were observed to widespread regions of the brain, from the telencephalon to the medulla. Ascending fibers course through LHA and the lateral preoptic area and lie lateral to the diagonal band of Broca. Fibers sweep dorsally into the lateral septal nucleus, cingulum bundle and medial cortex. Although sparse injections are found to the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus, a prominent pathway courses to the dorsal and medial parvocellular subnuclei of the paraventricular nucleus. Labeled fibers in the stria medullaris project to the lateral habenular nucleus. The central nucleus of the amygdala is encapsulated by fibers from the stria terminalis and the ventral amygdalofugal pathway. The substantia innominata, nucleus paraventricularis of the thalamus, and bed nucleus of the stria terminalis also receive LHA fibers. Three descending pathways course to the brainstem: (1) periventricular system, (2) central tegmental tract (CTT), and (3) medial forebrain bundle (MFB). Periventricular fibers travel to the ventral and lateral parts of the midbrain central gray, dorsal raphe nucleus, and laterodorsal tegmental nucleus of the pons. Dorsally coursing fibers of CTT enter the central tegmental field and the lateral and medial parabrachial nuclei. The intermediate and deep layers of the superior colliculus receive some fibers. Fibers from CTT leave the parabranchial region by descending in the ventrolateral pontine and medullary formation; some of these fibers sweep dorsomedially into the nucleus tractus solitarius, dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus, and nucleus commissuralis. From MFB, fibers descend into the ventral tegmental area and to the border of the median raphe and raphe magnus nuclei.

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