Cross-correlation analysis of interneuronal connectivity in the motor cortex of the monkey

Brain Res. 1982 Jan 14;231(2):325-34. doi: 10.1016/0006-8993(82)90369-9.


Pairs of neurones were recorded within the hand region of the precentral motor cortex of monkeys trained to squeeze a force transducer between the thumb and index finger. Neuronal discharges of a pair of cells, recorded through the same electrode, were first examined for their co-variation with force. The discharges of those pairs with a consistent co-variation were cross-correlated during periods of constant isometric force. Cross-correlograms in the majority of cases had either a sharp peak or trough at latencies suggesting monosynaptic causal relations between the cell discharges. A peak was associated with pairs of cells whose discharges co-varied similarly with force and when a trough was observed, the cell discharges of the pair generally differed in their force co-variation. It is concluded that the action of motor cortical neurones is linked by common and recurrent collateral inputs during isometric co-contraction of finger muscles.

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