Some topographical connections of the striate cortex with subcortical structures in Macaca fascicularis

Exp Brain Res. 1982;47(1):1-14. doi: 10.1007/BF00235880.


Subcortical connections of the striate cortex with the superior colliculus (SC), the lateral pulvinar (Pl), the inferior pulvinar (Pi) and the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (LG) were studied in the macaque monkey, Macaca fascicularis, following cortical injections of tritiated proline and/or horseradish peroxidase. All four structures were shown to receive topographically organized projections from the striate cortex. The exposed surface of the striate cortex was found to be connected to the rostral part of the SC and the caudal part of the LG. Injections of the exposed striate cortex close to its rostral border resulted in label in adjoining parts of the Pl and Pi. The ventral half and dorsal half of the calcarine fissure were connected with the medial and lateral parts of the SC, the ventrolateral and dorsomedial portions of the Pl and Pi and the lateral and medial parts of the LG, respectively. Injections located at the lateral posterior extreme of the calcarine fissure resulted in label at the optic disc representation in the LG. The horseradish peroxidase material demonstrated that LG neurons in all laminae and interlaminar zones project to the striate cortex.

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