Comparison of brain structure volumes in Insectivora and Primates. I. Neocortex

J Hirnforsch. 1982;23(4):375-89.


Based on volume measurements the total neocortex increases enormously from the lower ('basal') Insectivora, through prosimians, monkeys and apes up to man. In man it is about 132 times larger than in the average basal Insectivora of (theoretical) equal body weight and 232 times larger than in the insectivoran species which has the least developed neocortex. Within the neocortex the white matter increases more markedly than the grey matter. For man the white matter reaches a value 298 times that of the basal Insectivora and the grey matter reaches a value 198 times greater. Within the grey matter the cell dense layers (laminae 2-6) increase distinctly more than the molecular layer (lamina 1). Thus in man the volume of layers 2-6 is 272 times greater than that in basal Insectivora and the molecular layer is 68 times greater. When related to the total grey matter the percentage of the molecular layer clearly decreases from about 32% in the lower Insectivora to 12% in higher primates.

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