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, 37 (2), 589-600

Semliki Forest Virus Multiplication in Clones of Aedes Albopictus Cells

Semliki Forest Virus Multiplication in Clones of Aedes Albopictus Cells

P Tooker et al. J Virol.


A total of 115 clones of Aedes albopictus cells were examined for their response to infection with Semliki Forest virus. Virus yield and cytopathology showed a bimodal distribution. More than 68% of the clones gave low yields of virus (between 8 x 10(6) and 2 x 10(8) PFU/ml) with no discernable cytopathology, and 30% gave high yields of virus (between 1 x 10(9) and 8 x 10(9) PFU/ml) and showed moderate to severe cytopathology. To determine the level at which restriction in virus growth occurs in the low-virus-producing clones, we compared the nature and extent of several virus-directed events in selected low-virus-producing clones with the same events in high-virus-producing clones. Specifically, we compared virus-specified polypeptide synthesis, positive- and negative-strand RNA synthesis, adsorption, uncoating, and transfection with virion 42S RNA. These studies showed that whereas events before negative-strand RNA synthesis and all subsequent virus-specified events were markedly reduced in the low-virus-producing lines, compared with the high-virus-producing lines. Thus, the restriction in virus growth in the low-virus-producing lines occurs at the level of synthesis of negative-strand RNA. The consequence of this restriction in an early step in the virus multiplication cycle is discussed in terms of the survival of invertebrate cells after alphavirus infection.

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