Distribution and specific central projections of mechanoreceptors in the thorax and proximal leg joints of locusts. I. Morphology, location and innervation of internal proprioceptors of pro- and metathorax and their central projections

Cell Tissue Res. 1981;216(1):57-77. doi: 10.1007/BF00234545.


The mechanoreceptive supply of ventral thoracic parts and proximal leg joints of the pro- and metathorax of two locust species has been studied with the help of a modification of the axonal infusion technique with cobaltous chloride, which permits staining of the peripheral nervous system of an entire segment. The number, location, and innervation of serially homologous chordotonal organs (CO), strand receptors (SR), multipolar sensilla (MS), hair plates (HP) and clustered campaniform sensilla (CS) are described, as well as population specific central projections of primary afferent fibers from internal receptors (CO, MS). CO projections tend to form intersegmental projections within the thoracic ganglia, the extent varying with the organ's location. Apart from dorso-lateral collaterals, they terminate mainly in the medioventral neuropile, where they also cross the longitudinal midline of the CNS. By contrast, MS projections stay ipsilateral and do not leave their ganglia, where they send collaterals into all levels of the neuropile.

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