Ultrastructure of the antennal sensilla of aphids. II. Trichoid, chordotonal and campaniform sensilla

Cell Tissue Res. 1980;205(3):493-511. doi: 10.1007/BF00232289.


An electron microscopical study of aphid antennal sensilla has revealed two types of trichoid sensilla. Type I, innervated by a single neuron is mechanoreceptive; type II, innervated by three to five neurons is both mechanoreceptive and chemoreceptive with possibly a third function. Johnston's organ in the pedicel comprises a peripheral ring of scolopidia inserted into the joint with the flagellum; two non-peripheral groups of scolopidia lie in the lumen with attachment points in the wall of the third segment. The fine structure of a campaniform sensillum on the pedicel is described together with two homologous and previously unknown sense organs at the joint between the fifth and sixth antennal segments. An unusually placed scolopidium in the lumen of the sixth segment has also been found. The function of this scolopidium is unknown but Johnston's organ, the campaniform sensillum and joint receptors are suggested to act as antennal proprioceptors.

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