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, 55, 291-306

Development of the Chick Embryo Mesoblast: Pronephros, Lateral Plate, and Early Vasculature

  • PMID: 7373199

Development of the Chick Embryo Mesoblast: Pronephros, Lateral Plate, and Early Vasculature

S Meier. J Embryol Exp Morphol.


The early development of the mesoblast in the intermediate and lateral regions of the chick embryo was examined with the scanning and transmission electron microscope. It was found that primary mesenchyme here becomes condenses into epithelial structures that emerge in a metameric pattern. Viewed in developmental sequence, the intermediate mesoblast condenses into a narrowing cord of axially oriented cells which divert medially at regular intervals into the intersegmental interfaces of somitomeres and somites. These cells give rise to the vascular channels of the posterior cardinal vein as well as to tubular elements of the pronephros. Intermediate mesenchyme cells become epithelial, forming zonular junctional complexes apically and depositing patchy basal lamina over their basal surfaces. The lateral plate mesenchyme organizes similarly into somatic and splanchnic epithelial sheets that utilize the body coelom as their lumenal surface. Cells of the lateral plate extend filopodia basally that interweave with adjacent cells, fibrillar extracellular matrix, as well as with interstitial bodies. The pattern in the lateral plate is subtly ribbed as bands of mesoblast undulate along the axis. The central region of each band is raised while ther are grooves created along lines of band abutment, corresponding to intersegmental clefts in the paraxial region and reflecting an underlying metameric pattern. These grooves are usually demarked medially by the protrusion of short segments of adjacent intermediate mesoblast. Most of the remaining primary mesenchyme develops into a non-metameric vascular epithelium, which forms a prominent anastamosing plexus between splanchnic mesoderm and endoderm. It is proposed that the emergence of primary mesenchyme into patterened epithelial anlage facilitates the distribution of neural crest cells introduced subsequently.

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