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Clinical Trial
. 1978 Dec;47(3 Pt 2):1195-9.
doi: 10.2466/pms.1978.47.3f.1195.

"Inner" Darts: Effects of Mental Practice on Performance of Dart Throwing

Clinical Trial

"Inner" Darts: Effects of Mental Practice on Performance of Dart Throwing

D Mendoza et al. Percept Mot Skills. .


To explore the effects of mental rehearsal on the performance of a motor skill, 32 college undergraduates were scored on dart-throwing ability and randomly assigned to one of 4 practice conditions: no-practice controls, mental rehearsal only, mental rehearsal with simulated dart-throwing motor movements, and direct physical practice. Following 6 days of mental or physical practice by the experimental groups, the performance level on the dart-throwing task was again measured for all subjects. Comparison of improvement showed statistically significant differences between the groups. Follow-up tests showed that all experimental groups differed significantly from the no-practice group, there were no significant differences between mental practice groups and direct physical practice resulted in improvements significantly higher than any other form of practice.

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