Ac/Ds transposon mutagenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana: mutant spectrum and frequency of Ds insertion mutants

Mol Gen Genet. 1995 Jun 10;247(5):646-52. doi: 10.1007/BF00290357.


Using a two-component Ac/Ds system consisting of a stabilized Ac element (Acc1) and a non-autonomous element (DsA), 650 families of plants carrying independent germinal DsA excisions/transpositions were isolated. Progenies of 559 of these Acc1/DsA families, together with 43 families of plants selected for excision/transposition of wild-type (wt) Ac, were subjected to a broad screening program for mutants exhibiting visible alterations. This resulted in the identification of 48 mutants showing a wide variety of mutant phenotypes, including embryo lethality (24 mutants), chlorophyll defects (5 mutants), defective seedlings (2 mutants), reduced fertility (5 mutants), reduced size (3 mutants), altered leaf morphology (2 mutants), dark green, unexpanded rosette leaves (3 mutants), and aberrant flower or shoot morphology (4 mutants). To whether these mutants were due to transposon insertions, a series of Southern blot experiments was performed on 28 families, comparing in each case several mutant plants with others showing the wild-type phenotype. A preliminary analysis revealed in 4 of the 28 families analyzed a common, novel DsA fragment in all mutant plants, which was present only in heterozygous plants with wt phenotype, as expected for DsA insertion mutations. These four mutants included two showing embryo lethality, one with dark green, unexpanded rosette leaves and stunted inflorescences, and one with curly growth of stems, leaves and siliques. Further evidence for DsA insertion mutations was obtained for one embryo lethal mutant and for the stunted mutant, while in case of the second embryo lethal mutant, the DsA insertion could be separated from the mutant locus by genetic recombination.

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