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, 103 (10), 708-14

Organisation and Origin of a B Chromosome Centromeric Sequence From Brachycome Dichromosomatica


Organisation and Origin of a B Chromosome Centromeric Sequence From Brachycome Dichromosomatica

C R Leach et al. Chromosoma.


Brachycome dichromosomatica is an Australian native daisy that has two pairs of A chromosomes and up to three B chromosomes in some populations. A putative B-specific tandem repeat DNA sequence (Bd49) was isolated previously. Here we describe further characterisation of this sequence and investigate its possible origin. Southern analysis showed that all individual B chromosomes examined have highly methylated tandem repeats of Bd49 but differences in banding pattern for distinct B isolates suggested that the sequence is in a state of flux. Using in situ hybridisation, the sequence was shown to be located at the centromeric region of the B chromosome. Southern analysis of genomic DNA with Bd49 demonstrated that multiple copies of the sequence exist in the genomes of B. eriogona, B. ciliaris, B. segmentosa and B. multifida (none of which have B chromosomes) whereas other species tested (including 0B plants of B. dichromosomatica and 0B and +B B. curvicarpa and B. dentata) have few or no copies. Genomic clones and Bd49-like sequences derived by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) were obtained from five species but determination of phylogenetic relationships within the genus and inference as to the possible origin of the B chromosome were problematic because of extensive intragenomic heterogeneity of the sequences.

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