Preliminary study of androgen, thyroid & adrenal status in alcoholic men during deaddiction

Indian J Med Res. 1995 Jun;101:268-72.


To evaluate the status of the testes, thyroid, and adrenals in male alcoholics during the period of voluntary abstinence and therapy, chronic male drinkers undergoing a 4 wk inpatient deaddiction programme in a social hospital were recruited. Levels of a few serum and urinary hormones/metabolites viz., serum testosterone, total triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) and urinary total 17-ketosteroids (17-KS), estrone, estradiol, and 17-hydroxy corticosteroids (17-OHCS) were assessed in alcoholics thrice during the treatment programme at hospital i.e., on the zero (day of admission), 10th, and 20th day and compared to those of non-alcoholic controls. Alcoholics registered elevated serum total T3, and reduced total T4 and testosterone levels at admission, which persisted even after 20 days of the rehabilitative programme. Markedly high urinary levels of total 17-KS, estrone, and 17-OHCS were observed on zero day of admission. Urinary estrone and 17-OHCS, unlike total 17-KS, showed a trend to return to the normal range during the 20 days period. Urinary estradiol levels, however, recorded no significant alteration. The results of this preliminary study are suggestive of alcohol-induced perturbations on the functional integrity of the testes, thyroid, and adrenal in male alcohol addicts, wherein 20 days period of total alcohol abstinence and rehabilitative programme failed to reverse alcohol-induced hypoandrogenization and altered thyroidal status, but only partially restored certain biochemical events associated with the excretion of steroid metabolites.

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