Convergence of afferents from superior sagittal sinus and tooth pulp on cells in the upper cervical spinal cord of the cat

Neurosci Lett. 1994 Dec 5;182(2):275-8. doi: 10.1016/0304-3940(94)90815-x.


Units in the dorsolateral area of the upper cervical cord respond to craniovascular stimulation. This study examined tooth pulp responses in this area in cats. Eleven of 21 units tested in the dorsolateral area had convergent inputs from superior sagittal sinus and tooth pulp; while 10 units had sagittal sinus, but not tooth pulp, input. Mean response latency to tooth pulp stimulation (25.8 ms) was significantly longer than to superior sagittal sinus stimulation (9.8 ms). Half of the units had cutaneous receptive fields; and in five units, action potentials could be evoked by electrical stimulation in the posterior complex of the thalamus.

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