Relationship of thalamic basal forebrain projection neurons to the peptidergic innervation of the midline thalamus

J Comp Neurol. 1994 Oct 15;348(3):321-42. doi: 10.1002/cne.903480302.


To better understand the input-output organization of the midline thalamus, we compared the distribution of its peptidergic and monoaminergic afferents, which were visualized by using immunocytochemistry, with the distribution of neurons projecting to different basal forebrain structures, which were mapped using retrograde fluorescent tracers. Serotonin and most of the peptides were found throughout paraventricular thalamic nucleus (PV) and in other midline and intralaminar nuclei (type 1 pattern). Neuropeptide Y, alpha MSH and the catecholamine synthetic enzymes were largely restricted to dorsolateral PV (type 2 pattern). Vasopressin was found in dorsomedial PV and intermediodorsal nucleus in a pattern complementary to the type 2 distribution (type 3 pattern). Neurons projecting to accumbens core were present in paraventricular, intermediodorsal, and other midline nuclei. Neurons projecting to accumbens shell and to central amygdaloid nucleus were found in dorsal PV. The peptidergic zones were only loosely correlated with the distribution of different classes of projection neurons. The type 2 pattern overlapped best with neurons projecting to accumbens shell, and to a lesser extent to central amygdaloid nucleus, while the type 3 pattern overlapped best with neurons projecting to core of accumbens. This partial overlap suggests that some brainstem and hypothalamic nuclei preferentially affect different basal forebrain targets through the midline thalamus, and may allow, for example, information about stress to specifically influence accumbens shell and central amygdaloid nucleus. Nevertheless, most of the peptidergic afferents (type 1 pattern) to midline thalamus cover neurons projecting throughout the basal forebrain, which suggests that all of these neurons receive a variety of brainstem and hypothalamic inputs.

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