Role of neutrophil Fc gamma RIIa (CD32) and Fc gamma RIIIb (CD16) polymorphic forms in phagocytosis of human IgG1- and IgG3-opsonized bacteria and erythrocytes

Immunology. 1994 Dec;83(4):624-30.


The four subclasses of IgG have different biological activities associated with their Fc regions. Fc gamma receptors on leucocytes (Fc gamma R) mediate binding and phagocytosis of opsonized particles. Two structurally and functionally distinct allelic polymorphisms of the Fc gamma R have been defined: the H/R131 forms of Fc gamma RIIa (CD32), and the neutrophil antigen 1 (NA1)/NA2 forms of Fc gamma RIIIb (CD16). In this study the activities of allotypes of CD16 are analysed with antibacterial IgG subclass antibodies and with IgG1 and IgG3 anti-Rhesus D, and the activities of CD32 with IgG1 and IgG3 anti-Rhesus D. With respect to the allotypes of CD16, polymorphonuclear leucocytes (PMN) homozygous for Fc gamma RIIb-NA2 exhibited a lower (21-25%) IgG1-mediated phagocytosis of Staphylococcus aureus strain Wood (STAW), Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), and Neisseria meningitidis group B (NMen) than IIIb-NA1 PMN. The difference was apparent only when the micro-organisms were opsonized in the absence of complement, and was furthermore enhanced (34-52%) upon blockade of Fc gamma RIIa. In addition, monoclonal IgG3 anti-D-mediated rosette formation and phagocytosis was consistently found to be lower (16%) with Fc gamma RIIIb-NA2 than with IIIb-NA1 PMN. For the allotypes of CD32 we now show that IgG3 anti-D sensitized erythrocytes formed more (50%) rosettes and were phagocytosed at a higher rate with PMN carrying Fc gamma RIIa-H131 than with PMN carrying IIa-R131. Heterozygous Fc gamma RIIa-H/R131 PMN exhibited intermediate phagocytic activity in this respect. This study illustrates a critical role of Fc gamma R allotypes in functional interactions with biologically relevant IgG subclass antibodies.

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