[Orgasmic expulsions in women]

Cesk Psychiatr. 1994 Apr;90(2):71-7.
[Article in Czech]


Orgasm is in some women accompanied by the release of fluid from the external genitalia. This fluid can sometimes eject under pressure and thus resemble male ejaculation. It may presumably originate in the vagina, in the bladder (orgastic urination) or in the paraurethral (Skene's) glands, labeled by some authors as the female prostate. Analysis of the fluid samples showed it to be urine, secretion of Skene's glands or a mixture of both. The relationship of these expulsions to the stimulation of the vaginal G spot has been reported. Zaviacic et al. (1988) established in female volunteers undergoing digital stimulation of the G spot that in some women there is no expulsion, in some there is expulsion accompanied by orgasm and in some expulsions occur easily without orgasm or even without sexual arousal. Our own findings are based on the use of the sexological questionnaire SGZ, which contains items concerning the occurrence of "release of fluid" during orgasm or of "expulsion of fluid, similarly as in male ejaculation". We obtained data from 200 women treated for the neurosis and from 100 female health professionals and counselors. Organistic expulsions resembling male ejaculation were reported in 6% of both samples. Additional 13% had at least some experience with such expulsions. Release of fluid without ejaculation was reported by approximately 60% of females in both samples. We consider "female ejaculation" to be a rare phenomenon, which nevertheless deserves attention in sexological consultations. It should not cause feelings of shame, but should be accepted as a normal part of female sexual reaction.

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