[Displaying of meridian courses travelling over human body surface under natural conditions]

Zhen Ci Yan Jiu. 1993;18(2):83-9.
[Article in Chinese]


Based on the technique of infrared image information, the instantaneous infrared signals of isoenergy radiated from body surface was sampled and displayed continuously in this work. The inherent infrared radiant tracks over the body surface was successfully displayed under the natural conditions, without any artificial stimulation or interference. Fourty nine times of observation were performed on 30 volunteers and 594 lines of radiant track have been recorded. Most of the radiant tracks were line or narrow band in shape. Their courses coincided or basically coincided with that of the classical Fourteen Meridians. It seemed to be considerably identical with the classical meridian course in about 30% of the cases observed and some of them travelled over several body regions along meridian courses. The method established in this work first enables us to recognize figuratively the inherent meridian courses travelling over the body surface. The description on the meridians in the books of traditional Chinese medicine was thus evidenced. The aim pursued by the researchers in this field for a long period of time has now been realized, though something still remained to be further improved in this work. The facts irrefutably confirmed that meridian is the inherent organization and function of human body and there must be a corresponding substantial basis in 'periphery'. A more clear approach for elucidation of the essence of meridians has come into view from above facts.

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