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, 38 (7), 1354-6

Noncardiac Chest Pain Due to Acute Gastric Anisakiasis


Noncardiac Chest Pain Due to Acute Gastric Anisakiasis

S Sugano et al. Dig Dis Sci.


This paper described the first confirmed case of acute anginalike chest pain caused by gastric anisakiasis. A 55-year-old male, with a history of a sudden onset of chest pain and also a history of eating raw mackerel and tuna 9 hr prior to the onset of chest pain, was found upon endoscopy to have an imbedded parasite in the mucosal lining of his stomach. The chest pain disappeared after the endoscopic removal of larva. Endoscopy is highly recommended at the earliest possible time for patients who are suspected to have acute gastric anisakiasis.

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