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Case Reports
, 40 (3), 279-82

Difficult Laryngoscopy Made Easy With a "BURP"

Case Reports

Difficult Laryngoscopy Made Easy With a "BURP"

R L Knill. Can J Anaesth.


Displacement of the larynx by backward, upward and rightward pressure on the thyroid cartilage or "BURP" may improve visualization of the glottis in some cases of difficult direct laryngoscopy. In a patient with the Treacher-Collins syndrome in whom conventional laryngoscopy had proved impossible and tracheal intubation extremely difficult, this manoeuvre exposed the entire glottis and made tracheal intubation under direct vision easy. In a patient with protruding upper incisors and a prominent premaxilla which precluded a view of the glottis by conventional laryngoscopy, "BURP" again revealed the glottic opening and simplified the placement of an endotracheal tube. This experience suggests that "BURP" be considered as a potential aid in the management of difficult direct laryngoscopy.

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