Development and antigen specificity of the lymphoproliferation responses of pigs to pseudorabies virus: dichotomy between secondary B- and T-cell responses

Immunology. 1995 Nov;86(3):372-8.


To better understand the contribution of T cells to the immunity of pigs to pseudorabies virus (PRV), we examined the lymphoproliferation response to this virus. Depletion studies demonstrated that both CD2+CD8+ and CD2+CD4+ cells contributed to lymphoproliferation, but to varying degrees upon stimulation with live and ultraviolet (UV) light-inactivated PRV. Flow cytometric analysis revealed the emergence of both CD2+CD8+ and CD2+CD4+ lymphoblastoid cells. To examine the contribution of specific viral proteins, we prepared immortalized porcine B cells of haplotype d/d that stably expressed a single PRV protein, and used these cells for in vitro stimulation of lymphocytes from PRV-immune miniature pigs of the same haplotype. Cells expressing PRV gB or gC induced proliferation. An immunization/challenge experiment showed that the lymphoproliferation response was stronger upon immunization with the virulent NIA-3 strain than with the attenuated Bartha strain. Upon challenge inoculation, the NIA-3-immunized pigs were almost completely immune, in contrast to the Bartha-immunized pigs. Such poorly protected pigs showed secondary B- and T-cell immune responses upon challenge. In contrast, the better protected NIA-3-immunized pigs did not show a secondary B-cell response. However, they developed a secondary lymphoproliferation response, which was quicker and stronger than in the Bartha-immunized pigs. This dichotomy between secondary B- and T-cell responses indicates that an effective T-cell memory response is able to quickly eliminate challenge virus in immune pigs, so preventing a secondary B-cell response.

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