Tupaiataenia quentini gen. et sp. n. (anoplocephalidae: linstowiinae) and other tapeworms from the common tree shrew, Tupaia glis

J Parasitol. 1977 Jun;63(3):473-5.


Three species of cestodes recovered from tree shrews, Tupaia glis, were identified as Sparganum sp., Hymenolepis diminuta, and Tupaiataenia quentini gen. et sp. n. The new genus is differentiated from Mathevotaenia, Markewitchitaenia and Atriotaenia by being craspedote, possessing a large seminal receptacle, the presence of a hermaphroditic canal leading into the genital atrium, and by having two opposable, muscular lappets on the anterior margin of each sucker.

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