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Comparative Study
. 1996 Jul 19;271(29):17035-40.
doi: 10.1074/jbc.271.29.17035.

Ordered and Sequential Binding of DnaA Protein to oriC, the Chromosomal Origin of Escherichia Coli

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Comparative Study

Ordered and Sequential Binding of DnaA Protein to oriC, the Chromosomal Origin of Escherichia Coli

C Margulies et al. J Biol Chem. .
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DnaA protein of Escherichia coli acts in initiation of chromosomal DNA replication by binding specific sequences, termed DnaA boxes in the chromosomal origin, oriC. On binding, it induces a localized unwinding to create a structure recognized by other replication proteins that act subsequently in the initiation process. In this report, we examined the binding of DnaA protein to each of the DnaA boxes in oriC. By gel mobility shift assays, DnaA protein formed at least six discrete complexes. ATP or ADP included in the reaction mixture prior to electrophoresis was required. Chemical cleavage of isolated complexes with 1,10-phenanthroline-copper revealed that DnaA protein binds in an ordered manner to the DnaA boxes in oriC. Preferential binding to one DnaA box (R4) was confirmed by demonstration that a DNA fragment containing it was bound with greater affinity than another DnaA box sequence (R1). In vitro replication activity correlated with a complex formed at a ratio of 30 DnaA monomers/oriC in which all DnaA boxes are occupied. The last site bound is DnaA box R3. This event may be critical in promoting initiation from oriC as it correlates with in vivo observations that binding of DnaA protein to box R3 occurs at the time of initiation of chromosomal replication, whereas other DnaA boxes are bound by DnaA protein throughout the cell cycle (Cassler, M. R., Grimwade, J. E., and Leonard, A. C.(1995) EMBO J. 14, 5833-5841).

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