Advanced glycation end products and their recognition by macrophage and macrophage-derived cells

Diabetes. 1996 Jul;45 Suppl 3:S73-6. doi: 10.2337/diab.45.3.s73.


Modification of proteins by long-term incubation with glucose leads to the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). AGE proteins are taken up by macrophages via the AGE receptor, which is similar to the macrophage scavenger receptor (MSR). In the present study, we compared the ligand specificity of the AGE receptor with that of MSR by three different experiments. The endocytic uptake of 125I-acetyl-LDL by RAW cells was effectively inhibited by unlabeled AGE-bovine serum albumin (BSA), whereas the inhibitory effect of acetyl-LDL on 125I-AGE-BSA was partial. Polyanions showing an effective inhibition for endocytic uptake of AGE-BSA were not always inhibitory for endocytic degradation of acetyl-LDL. These data, together with those obtained by three-dimensional fluorescence-activated cell sorter analysis, indicate that AGE proteins are recognized by more than two receptors, of which MSR is at least one. Finally, we examined whether MSR could mediate the endocytic uptake of AGE proteins by Chinese hamster ovary cells overexpressing bovine type II MSR (CHO-SRII cells). 125I-AGE-BSA underwent endocytic degradation by CHO-SRII cells, and this was effectively inhibited by unlabeled acetyl-LDL. These results clearly show that MSR mediates the endocytic uptake of AGE proteins, suggesting a new role of MSR in biological recognition of AGE in vivo.

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