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Comparative Study
, 41 (4), 339-48

Some Rorschach Data Concerning Suicide

Comparative Study

Some Rorschach Data Concerning Suicide

J E Exner Jr et al. J Pers Assess.


The Rorschachs of 59 effected suicides and 31 attempted suicides, all of which were collected within a period of 60 days prior to the critical event were categorized in terms of method used, and subjected to a computer scan to determine if any constellation of variables occurred with a greater frequency than in the protocols of three control groups, comprised of inpatient depressives, inpatient schizophrenics, and nonpatients. A constellation of 11 variables is reported, a composite of eight or more correctly identifies 75% of the effected group and 45% of the attempters while occurring with a relatively low frequency among controls. Data are also presented from a group of 33 records collected within five days after a suicidal attempt revealing that those records do not differ essentially from either of the two psychiatric control groups. The findings are discussed in terms of the problems of prediction, and in the context of the probable psychological structure of many suicide prone people.

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