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. 1996 Oct;31(10):1059-67.
doi: 10.1007/BF02522463.

The Effects of Lidocaine and Hypoxia on Phospholipid Biosynthesis in the Isolated Hamster Heart


The Effects of Lidocaine and Hypoxia on Phospholipid Biosynthesis in the Isolated Hamster Heart

J T Wong et al. Lipids. .


In this study, the effects of lidocaine and hypoxia on the biosynthesis of phospholipids in the hamster heart were examined. Hamster hearts were perfused with [1,3-3H]glycerol under normal and hypoxic conditions, and in the absence or presence of 0.5 mg/mL lidocaine. After perfusion, the radioactivity incorporated into the various phospholipid fractions was determined. With the exception of phosphatidylcholine, the synthesis of phospholipids was generally stimulated by lidocaine perfusion. In contrast, hypoxia caused a general decrease in phospholipid biosynthesis which was partially restored by lidocaine. ATP and CTP levels were severely reduced under hypoxic conditions, but their levels were not restored by lidocaine treatment. The activities of enzymes for phospholipid synthesis were determined under the various perfusion conditions. The activity of phosphatidic acid phosphatase was elevated by lidocaine and decreased by hypoxic treatment. The activity of CTP:phosphatidic acid cytidylyltransferase was increased under hypoxia, with or without lidocaine. Despite the reduction in phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis, no change in the activity of cytidine diphosphocholine (CDPcholine):diacylglycerol cholinephosphotransferase was detected following lidocaine or hypoxic perfusion. However, enzyme activity was inhibited by the presence of lidocaine in the assay mixture. Our results indicate that the reduction in phospholipid biosynthesis under hypoxic conditions was caused mainly by diminishing high-energy nucleotide levels. The enhancement of phospholipid biosynthesis by lidocaine appeared to be mediated in part by modulation of enzyme activities.

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