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, 22 (2-3), 81-5

Structural and Functional Similarities Between MRP and RNase P


Structural and Functional Similarities Between MRP and RNase P

R Reddy et al. Mol Biol Rep.


RNase P, the enzyme response for 5'-end processing of tRNAs and 4.5S RNA, has been extensively characterized from E. coli. The RNA component of E. coli RNase P, without the protein, has the enzymatic activity and is the first true RNA enzyme to be characterized. RNase P and MRP are two distinct nuclear ribonucleoprotein (RNP) particles characterized in many eukaryotic cells including human, yeast and plant cells. There are many similarities between RNase P and MRP. These include: (1) sequence specific endonuclease activity; (2) homology at the primary and secondary structure levels; and (3) common proteins in both the RNPs. It is likely that RNase P and MRP originated from a common ancestor.

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