Novel series of plasmid vectors for gene inactivation and expression analysis in group A streptococci (GAS)

Gene. 1996 Oct 24;177(1-2):137-47. doi: 10.1016/0378-1119(96)84178-3.


Ten novel streptococcal shuttle vectors for genomic integration and allelic replacements have been constructed based on plasmid pSF152. These vectors can replicate in E. coli, but not in streptococci because of the absence of a streptococcal origin of replication. The basic vector pFW5 (2.8 kb, aad9 spectinomycin-resistance marker) carries two multiple cloning sites MCS-I and MCS-II (10 and 15 restrictions sites, respectively) to either side of the aad9 resistance gene. Each MCS is flanked by transcription termination sites for stabilization of recombinant plasmids. In vector pFW6 the transcription terminator between aad9 and MCS-II was deleted. Plasmids pFW7 through pFW10 carry resistance genes for kanamycin, chloramphenicol, erythromycin, and tetracyclin instead of aad9. Vectors pFW11 and pFW12 are pFW5/6 derivatives harboring an improved synthetic aad9 promoter. In pFW-phoA and pFW-gfp, promoterless alkaline phosphatase and green fluorescent protein boxes were integrated into MCS-I. If streptococcal DNA fragments are cloned into MCS-I and MSC-II, these vectors can be used for specific allelic replacements in streptococci via double-crossover recombinations. Depending on the vector used, this event will not lead to polar effects, facilitating mutagenesis within operons. The vectors containing reporter boxes allow in vivo studies of gene expression and promoter activity in pathogenic streptococci and potentially, also in other Gram-positive bacteria.

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