Specificity analysis of murine monoclonal antibodies reactive with Tn, sialylated Tn, T, and monosialylated (2-->6) T antigens

Hybridoma. 1996 Dec;15(6):401-8. doi: 10.1089/hyb.1996.15.401.


T, Tn, and sialyated Tn (sTn) are pancarcinoma antigens, and increased expression of these carbohydrate epitopes has been correlated with a poor prognosis in several epithelial malignancies. Ten murine monoclonal antibodies have been generated to these antigens, and compared by ELISA and immunohistochemistry to established mAbs reactive with these antigens. Nine mAbs (3 IgM and 6 IgG) reactive with synthetic T-human serum albumin (T-HSA) were produced after immunizing BALB/c mice with a synthetic T-keyhole limpet hemocyanin glycoconjugate (T-KLH). An additional IgM mAb (145.22) was produced in mice immunized with erythrocytes isolated from a patient with Tn syndrome. Three IgM and six IgG1 mAbs reactive with T-HSA did not react with natural T antigen present on desialyated glycophorin. All three IgM and several IgG1 mAbs, however, did react with LS-174T, a mucinous colon carcinoma cell line, 647V, a human bladder carcinoma cell line, and TA3Ha, a murine mammary carcinoma cell line as well as fresh frozen colon carcinomas. MAb 145.22 reacted with both natural and synthetic sources of sTn and Tn, as well as with LS-174T cells and mucin deposits in 10/11 colon carcinomas on fresh-frozen sections. MAb B72.3 reacted strongly with ovine submaxillary mucin (OSM) and sTn-HSA, while mAb CC49, a second-generation mAb to TAG-72 carcinoma mucin, reacted strongly with OSM, less strongly with desialyated OSM, and only weakly with sTn-HSA, suggesting that the epitope specificity for mAb CC49 is distinct from that of B72.3.

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