L-selectin from human, but not from mouse neutrophils binds directly to E-selectin

J Cell Biol. 1997 Feb 10;136(3):707-16. doi: 10.1083/jcb.136.3.707.


L-Selectin on neutrophils as well as inducible E- and P-selectin on endothelium are involved in the recruitment of neutrophils into inflamed tissue. Based on cell attachment assays, L-selectin was suggested to function as a carbohydrate presenting ligand for E- and P-selectin. However, previous affinity isolation experiments with an E-selectin-Ig fusion protein had failed to detect L-selectin among the isolated E-selectin ligands from mouse neutrophils. We show here that L-selectin from human neutrophils, in contrast to mouse neutrophils, can be affinity-isolated as a major ligand from total cell extracts using E-selectin-Ig as affinity probe. Binding of human L-selectin to E-selectin was direct, since purified L-selectin could be reprecipitated with E-selectin-Ig. Recognition of L-selectin was abolished by sialidase-treatment, required Ca2+, and was resistant to treatment with endoglycosidase F. Binding of L-selectin to a P-selectin-Ig fusion protein was not observed. In agreement with the biochemical data, the anti-L-selectin mAb DREG56 inhibited rolling of human neutrophils on immobilized E-selectin-Ig but not on P-selectin-Ig. No such inhibitory effect was seen with the anti-mouse L-selectin mAb MEL14 on mouse neutrophils. Rolling of E-selectin transfectants on purified and immobilized human L-selectin was inhibited by mAb DREG56. We conclude that L-selectin on human neutrophils is a major glycoprotein ligand among very few glycoproteins that can be isolated by an E-selectin affinity matrix. The clear difference between human and mouse L-selectin suggests that E-selectin-binding carbohydrate moieties are attached to different protein scaffolds in different species.

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