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. 1997 Mar;77(3):1526-37.
doi: 10.1152/jn.1997.77.3.1526.

Properties of Voltage-Activated Ca2+ Currents in Acutely Isolated Human Hippocampal Granule Cells

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Properties of Voltage-Activated Ca2+ Currents in Acutely Isolated Human Hippocampal Granule Cells

H Beck et al. J Neurophysiol. .
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Properties of Ba2+ currents through voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels (IBa) were investigated in 61 dentate granule cells acutely isolated from the resected hippocampus of nine patients with therapy-refractory temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). Currents with a high threshold of activation (HVA) peaked at 0 mV, and showed some time-dependent inactivation and a voltage of half-maximal steady-state inactivation (V1/2inact) of -16.4 mV. Application of saturating doses of omega-conotoxin (omega-CgTx) GVIA or nifedipine distinguished characteristic N-type (38%) and L-type (62% of HVA currents) Ca2+ currents. Combined application of both agents blocked HVA currents by > 95%. In a 10-mo-old child but not in adult patients, an omega-agatoxin IVA (omega-AgaTxIVA)-sensitive but omega-CgTx MVIIC-insensitive, noninactivating component of HVA currents (approximately 24%) was present that most probably corresponds to a P-type current. A T-type Ca2+ current could be separated from HVA components on the basis of its steady-state voltage-dependent inactivation (V1/2inact = -71.0 mV). The T-type Ca2+ current isolated by subtraction peaked at more negative potentials (-10 mV), showed a significantly more rapid time-dependent inactivation, and could be selectively blocked by low concentrations of Ni2+. It was insensitive to nifedipine and omega-CgTx GVIA. We conclude that L-, N-, and T-type currents are present in adult human dentate granule cells and an additional P-type current is present in neurons from a 10-mo-old patient. These data may provide a basis for comparison with animal models of epilepsy and for the elucidation of mechanisms of action of drugs intended for use in human disease.

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