Determination of secondary structure of normal fibrin from human peripheral blood

Biopolymers. 1997 Apr 15;41(5):545-53. doi: 10.1002/(SICI)1097-0282(19970415)41:5<545::AID-BIP6>3.0.CO;2-M.


The secondary structure of human fibrin from normal donors and from bovine and suilline plasma was studied by Fourier transform ir spectroscopy and a quantitative analysis of its secondary structure was suggested. For this purpose, a previously experimented spectrum deconvolution procedure based on the use of the Conjugate Gradient Minimisation Algorithm with the addition of suitable constraints was applied to the analysis of conformation-sensitive amide bands. This procedure was applied to amide I and III analysis of bovine and suilline fibrin, obtained industrially, and to amide III analysis of human fibrin clots. The analysis of both amide I and III in the first case was useful in order to test the reliability of the method. We found bovine, suilline, and human fibrin to contain about 30% alpha-helix (amide I and III components at 1653 cm-1, and 1312 and 1284 cm-1, respectively), 40% beta-sheets (amide I and III components at 1625 and 1231 cm-1, respectively) and 30% turns (amide I and III components at 1696, 1680, 1675 cm-1, and 1249 cm-1, respectively). The precision of the quantitative determination depends on the amount of these structures in the protein. Particularly, the coefficient of variation is < 10% for percentage values of amide I and III components > 15 and 5%, respectively. The good agreement of our quantitative data, obtained separately by amide I and amide III analysis, and consistent with a previous fibrinogen (from commercial sources) study that reports only information about fibrin beta-sheet content obtained by factor analysis, leads us to believe that the amounts of secondary structures found (alpha-helix, beta-sheets, and turns) are accurate.

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