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. Apr-Jun 1997;41(2):335-46.

Pathogenicity and Diagnosis of H5N2 Mexican Avian Influenza Viruses in Chickens

  • PMID: 9201397

Pathogenicity and Diagnosis of H5N2 Mexican Avian Influenza Viruses in Chickens

D E Swayne et al. Avian Dis. .


Chickens were inoculated with one of five H5N2 Mexican-origin avian influenza virus (AIV) isolates to determine their pathogenicity for chickens and to determine the ability of routine virologic and serologic tests to detect infections. In laboratory infections, three AIVs, H5/94, M5/94, and J12/94, produced sporadic illness and death and were categorized as mildly pathogenic. Q1/95 produced illness and death in all inoculated chickens and was categorized as highly lethal and highly pathogenic (HP). P11/94B commonly produced clinical illness, but deaths were infrequent. During the presence of clinical signs, oropharyngeal swabs were superior for isolation of AIV, but cloacal swabs were more successful after disappearance of clinical signs. Agar gel precipitin (AGP) serologic test was superior for detecting AIV infection during the clinical phase, but AGP and hemagglutinin inhibition tests were equally effective in detecting infections after recovery from clinical illness. Passage of P11/94B parent stock and selected 14-day-embryo-passed AIVs in adult hens resulted in emergence of some HP AIV derivatives. The hemagglutinin of Q1/95 and P11/ 94B parent stock and derivative AIVs had an identical proteolytic cleavage site of.... Pro-Gln-Arg-Lys-Arg-Lys-Thr-Arg-Gly, consistent with AIVs of high pathogenicity. However, no consistent differences were identified in the sequence of the hemagglutinin gene to explain the discrepancy in lethality patterns of the P11/94B AIVs. This suggests that genes other than the hemagglutinin impact the full expression of high lethality of Mexican-origin AIV infections in chickens.

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