An in vitro anatomic model of the human cerebral arteries with saccular arterial aneurysms

Surg Radiol Anat. 1997;19(2):119-21.


An in vitro model of the main human cerebral arteries with or without saccular arterial aneurysms is presented. A cast of the cerebral arteries was obtained in a human specimen. Three aneurysms were simulated and added to the cast. Wax copies of the cast were produced, and embedded with liquid resin solidifying into solid blocks. After evacuation of the wax, a model consisting of a hollow reproduction of the cast within the resin block was obtained. The model is reproducible and anatomically accurate. Since it is transparent to visible light, and compatible with x-ray, magnetic resonance and transcranial doppler techniques, it should prove useful for a wide range of haemodynamic and radiologic investigations. The reported technique may be adapted to any structure with a hollow configuration, allowing for the preparation of arterial and venous models from other vascular areas, as well as models from other anatomic systems, such as the biliary or urinary tracts.

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