Microheterogeneity of the oligosaccharides carried by the recombinant bovine lactoferrin expressed in Mamestra brassicae cells

Glycobiology. 1997 Jul;7(5):635-51. doi: 10.1093/glycob/7.5.635.


The development of therapeutic glycoprotein production using the baculovirus expression system depends on the ability of insect cell lines to reproduce site specific mammalian-like N-glycans. A combination of 1H-NMR and mass spectrometry techniques (MALD-MS, ES-MS, and CID-MS-MS) allowed us to elucidate the N-linked oligosaccharides microheterogeneity on three different N-glycosylation sites, Asn233, Asn476, and Asn545, of a baculovirus-expressed recombinant bovine lactoferrin produced in Mamestra brassicae. Two families of N-glycan structures have been found: first, oligomannosidic glycans (Man[9-5]GlcNAc2) and secondly, short truncated partially fucosylated glycans (Man(3-2)[Fuc(0-1)]GlcNAc2). These results indicate that Mamestra brassicae cell line is not able to synthesize complex N-glycans, even if an alpha1,6-linked fucose residue is frequently present on the asparagine-bound N-acetylglucosamine residue of short truncated structures. Nevertheless, we have shown that Mamestra brassicae ensures the same N-glycosylation pattern as found on natural bovine lactoferrin showing the same distribution between complex and high-mannose type glycans on the different glycosylation sites. Sites which are naturally occupied by high-mannose glycans (Asn233 and Asn545) are substituted essentially by the same type of N-glycans in the recombinant counterpart, and the site Asn476,which carries sialylated complex type chains in the natural glycoprotein, is substituted by short, truncated, partially fucosylated chains in Mamestra brassicae-expressed bovine lactoferrin. These various results lead us to the conclusion that bovine lactoferrin is an interesting model to determine the potential of glycosylation of the baculovirus/insect cell expression systems.

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