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, 21 (3), 258-66

The Genome and Genes of Neurospora Crassa


The Genome and Genes of Neurospora Crassa

A Radford et al. Fungal Genet Biol.


Neurospora crassa is an organism with a 7-decade contribution to genetic research. in a genome of 42.9 Mb and just over 1000 map units, to date over 800 different genes have been identified by phenotype and/or map location, and 222 genes have been characterized by sequencing. Methods by which analysis of the genome has been carried out are discussed, including linkage, RFLP, and chromosome walking. Characterized centomeres, telomeres, the nucleolar organizer and the dispersed 5S rRNA genes are discussed. Analysis of the protein-encoding genes is undertaken, using new software for the querying of standard sequence databases. Gene analysis includes consensus sequences for transcription and RNA splicing and new insights into codon usage.

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