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, 35 (1-2), 101-13

Physical Mapping of the Rice Genome With YAC Clones

  • PMID: 9291964

Physical Mapping of the Rice Genome With YAC Clones

N Kurata et al. Plant Mol Biol.


Construction of a rice physical map covered by YAC clones which have been arranged over half of the genome length is presented here. A total of 1285 RFLP and RAPD markers almost evenly distributed on the rice genetic map could select 2974 YAC clones and 2443 clones of them were located on their original positions. Rice YACs carrying 350 kb average insert fragments of 2443 clones could cover 222 megabase length of the rice genome, corresponding to 52% of the whole genome size (4.3 Mb). Chromosome landing with many YAC clones on the high-density genetic map loci efficiently integrated the genetic map with a physical map. This is the first step to generate a comprehensive genome map of rice. An integrated genome map should be an indispensable tool to figure out genome structure as well as to clone trait genes by map-based cloning.

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