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, 147 (9), 753-64

Acetogenic Coccoid Spore-Forming Bacteria Isolated From the Rumen


Acetogenic Coccoid Spore-Forming Bacteria Isolated From the Rumen

F Rieu-Lesme et al. Res Microbiol.


Thirteen strains of a new acetogenic bacterium were isolated from the rumen contents of lambs, llamas and bisons. This paper is the first report of Gram-positive coccoid spore-forming bacteria occurring in chains and able to use H2 + CO2 as energy source and produce acetate from this gas mixture. One of them, chosen as the reference strain for its efficiency in utilizing H2/CO2 likely via the acetyl-CoA pathway, was characterized in detail. The G + C ratio of the DNA of the organism was 46.5 mol%. The temperature and pH optimum were 37 degrees-40 degrees C and 6.3-6.8, respectively. Numerous organic substrates including some o-methylate aromatic compounds were used heterotrophically. The full 16S rRNA gene sequence was determined. The phylogeny, physiology, morphology and numerous features described here are sufficiently different from those of any bacteria described today to justify the definition of a new species. The name "New acetogenic bacterium" is temporarily proposed, awaiting a future taxonomic revision of the genus Clostridium.

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