Action potential propagation into the presynaptic dendrites of rat mitral cells

J Physiol. 1997 Oct 15;504 ( Pt 2)(Pt 2):359-65. doi: 10.1111/j.1469-7793.1997.359be.x.


1. Dendritic patch-clamp recordings were obtained from mitral cells in rat olfactory bulb slices, up to 350 microns from the soma. Simultaneous dendritic and somatic whole-cell recordings indicated that action potentials (APs) evoked by somatic or dendritic current injection were initiated near the soma. Both the large amplitude (100.7 +/- 1.1 mV) and the short duration (1.38 +/- 0.07 ms) of the AP were maintained as the AP propagated back into the primary mitral cell dendrites. 2. Outside-out patches isolated from mitral cell dendrites contained voltage-gated Na+ channels (peak conductance density, 90 pS micron-2 at -10 mV). When an AP was used as a somatic voltage-clamp command in the presence of 1 microM tetrodotoxin (TTX), the amplitude of the dendritic potential was attenuated to 48 +/- 14 mV. This shows that dendritic Na+ channels support the active back-propagation of APs. 3. Dendritic patches contained voltage-gated K+ channels with high density (conductance density, 513 pS micron-2 at 30 mV). Dendritic K+ currents were reduced to 35% by 1 mM external tetraethylammonium chloride (TEACl). When an AP was used as a somatic voltage-clamp command in the presence of TEACl, the dendritic potential was markedly prolonged. This indicates that dendritic K+ channels mediate the fast repolarization of dendritic APs. 4. We conclude that voltage-gated Na+ and K+ channels support dendritic APs with large amplitudes and short durations that may trigger fast transmitter release at dendrodendritic synapses in the olfactory bulb.

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