FlyView, a Drosophila image database, and other Drosophila databases

Semin Cell Dev Biol. 1997 Oct;8(5):469-75. doi: 10.1006/scdb.1997.0172.


FlyView is an image database for Drosophila development and genetics, particularly for gene-expression patterns. Thousands of enhancer-trap lines have now been isolated by different methods, particularly by using a variety of transposons with the resulting flies being kept in a great many laboratories. We are collecting pictures of expression patterns of all lines that are available for use by Drosophila researchers and now offer about 1800 images of about 350 enhancer-trap lines in FlyView. This article also summarizes information on the other main Drosophila resources: FlyBase-the main Drosophila database, Flybrain, an online atlas and database of the Drosophila nervous system, and Interactive Fly, a cyberspace guide to Drosophila genes and their roles in development.Copyright 1997 Academic Press Limited Copyright 1997Academic Press Limited