Evolution of H5 subtype avian influenza A viruses in North America

Virus Res. 1997 Oct;51(2):115-24. doi: 10.1016/s0168-1702(97)00087-7.


The phylogenetic relationships of the hemagglutinin (HA) and non-structural (NS) genes from avian influenza (AI) H5 subtype viruses of North American origin are presented. Analysis of the HA genes of several previously uncharacterized isolates from waterfowl and turkeys provided clear evidence of significant sequence variation and existence of multiple virus clades or sub-lineages, maintained in migratory waterfowl. Phylogenetic analysis of NS gene sequences further demonstrated multiple sub-lineages and also demonstrated re-assortment of two NS alleles in wild duck populations. Based on currently available HA1 gene sequences, at least four clades exist with waterfowl isolates included in three of the four groups. The most genetically unstable of these sub-lineages is composed of recent poultry isolates from the outbreak of AI in Central Mexico. This group of viruses, which replicated unabated in chickens for at least 16 months, exhibited an increased rate of mutation in both the HA and NS gene. Comparison of the HA1 sequence data for all available North American H5 subtype viruses demonstrated minimal variation both in and around the amino acids predicted to be involved in the HA receptor binding site. The sequences also revealed that migratory waterfowl, live poultry market chicken, and turkey isolates uniformly lack a glycosylation site at amino acid 236 in the HA protein which is present in commercial chicken isolates.

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