Progress of topographic regulation of the visual projection in the halved optic tectum of adult goldfish

J Physiol. 1976 Jun;257(3):621-43. doi: 10.1113/jphysiol.1976.sp011388.


1. The patterns of re-established visual projections on to the rostral half-tectum are studied following excision of the caudal tectum at various intervals after section of either the contralateral optic nerve or the ipsilateral optic tract in adult goldfish. 2. The pattern of a newly restored retinotectal projection depends on the duration of the post-operative period given to the halved tectum before it is re-innervated by regenrating optic fibres from the retina. 3. When the duration is such that regenerating optic fibres invade the denervated rostral half-tectum at about 40 days or longer after excision of the caudal tectum, the remaining half-tectum is able to accommodate incoming optic fibres not only from the appropriate temporal hemi-retina but also from the foreign nasal hemiretina in an orderly compressed topographic pattern. 4. If the surgical operations are timed so that the halved tectum receive regenerating optic fibres earlier than 33 days after excision of the caudal tectum, the halved tectum initially accommodates only those optic fibres originating from the temporal half of the retina at this early stage. 5. This normal (uncompressed) pattern of the newly regenerated visual projection, however, eventually changes into an orderly compressed pattern at a later period. Post-operative dark-deprivation of the operated fish has no significant effect on the temporal transition. 6. The temporal transition from an initially normal pattern into an orderly compressed pattern may reflect the time course of progressive and systematic changes involved in topographic regulation of the halved tectum into a whole.

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