Concanavalin A binding and endoglycosidase D resistance of beta1,2-xylosylated and alpha1,3-fucosylated plant and insect oligosaccharides

Glycoconj J. 1998 Feb;15(2):203-6. doi: 10.1023/a:1006932725821.


The binding to concanavalin A (Con A) by pyridylaminated oligosaccharides derived from bromelain (Manalpha1,6(Xylbeta1,2) Manbeta1, 4GlcNAcbeta1,4(Fucalpha1,3)GlcNAc), horseradish peroxidase (Manalpha1,6(Manalpha1,3) (Xylbeta1,2)Manbeta1, 4GlcNAcbeta1,4(Fucalpha1,3) GlcNAc), bee venom phospholipase A2 (Manalpha1,6Manbeta1,4GlcNAcbeta1,4GlcNAc and Manalpha1,6(Manalpha1,3)Manbeta1,4GlcNAcbeta1,4 (Fucalpha1,3)GlcNAc) and zucchini ascorbate oxidase (Manalpha1,6(Manalpha1,3) (Xylbeta1,2)Manbeta1,4 GlcNAcbeta1,4GlcNAc) was compared to the binding by Man3GlcNAc2, Man5GlcNAc2 and the asialo-triantennary complex oligosaccharide from bovine fetuin. While the fetuin oligosaccharide did not bind, bromelain, zucchini, Man2GlcNAc2 and horseradish peroxidase were retarded (in that order). The alpha1,3-fucosylated phospholipase, Man3GlcNAc2 and Man5GlcNAc2 structures were eluted with 15 mM alpha-methylmannoside. It is concluded that core alpha1,3-fucosylation has little or no effect on ConA binding while xylosylation decreases affinity for ConA. In a parallel study comparing the endoglycosidase D (Endo D) sensitivities of Man3GlcNAc2, IgG-derived GlcNAcbeta1, 2Manalpha1,6(GlcNAcbeta1,2Manalpha1,3)Manbeta1,+ ++4GlcNAcbeta1,4(Fucalpha1,6)GlcNAc, the phospholipase Manalpha1,6(Manalpha1,3) Manbeta1, 4GlcNAcbeta1,4(Fucalpha1,3)GlcNAc, and horseradish and zucchini pyridylaminated N-linked oligosaccharides, it was found that only the Man3GlcNAc2 structure was cleaved. The IgG structure was sensitive only when beta-hexosaminidase was also present. Thus, in contrast to core alpha1,6-fucosylated structures, such as those present in mammals, the presence of core alpha1,3-fucose, as found in structures from plants and insects, and/or beta1,2-xylose, as found in plants, causes resistance to Endo D.

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