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, 43 (4), 250-5

[Current Views on Use of Megestrol Acetate in Oncology Practice]

[Article in Czech]
  • PMID: 9601846

[Current Views on Use of Megestrol Acetate in Oncology Practice]

[Article in Czech]
R Vyzula. Vnitr Lek.


Anorexia of tumourous origin associated with cachexia is a frequent clinical problem which has a substantial impact on the therapeutic results and patient survival. It is encountered in as many as 90% patients in the stage of palliative care. Tumourous cachexia is thus a difficult problem in oncological practice. Hormonal therapy of malignant breast disease is an integral part of adjuvant as well as palliative treatment in postmenopausal as well as premenopausal patients. Both oncological problems, tumourous cachexia and hormonal therapy interfere by their consequences with the quality of life of oncological patients, i.e. a situation which is becoming the pillar of care of oncological patients. The author reviewed the contemporary available literature pertaining to tumourous cachexia and hormonal therapy of breast cancer. He emphasizes the mechanism which participates in tumourous cachexia and discusses possibilities to influence it by therapy. Megestrol acetate (Megace, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.) proves so far the most effective pharmacological preparation which improves anorexia and cachexia in severely ill patients. In the review of the literature the author presents examples of the use of megestrol acetate in the hormonal strategy of treatment of breast cancer and mentions some problems which deserve further study. The objective of the submitted review is to draw attention of the medical community to a drug which is a stimulant in the comprehensive, pretentions strategy of treatment of malignant diseases and which leads by its basic action also to improvement of the quality of life of these patients.

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