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. 1978 Jun;31:25-35.

The Ultrastructure of Cell Division in Euglena Gracilis

  • PMID: 97303
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The Ultrastructure of Cell Division in Euglena Gracilis

M A Gillott et al. J Cell Sci. .
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The ultrastructure of mitosis in Euglena gracilis was investigated. At preprophase the nucleus migrates anteriorly and associates with the basal bodies. Flagella and basal bodies replicate at preprophase. Cells retain motility throughout division. The reservoir and the prophase nucleus elongate perpendicular to the incipient cleavage furrow. One basal body pair surrounded by a ribosome-free zone is found at each of the nuclear poles. The spindle forms within the intact nuclear envelope- Polar fenestrae are absent. At metaphase, the endosome is elongated from pole to pole, and chromosomes are loosely arranged in the equatorial region. Distinct, trilayered kinetochores are present. Spindle elongates as chromosomes migrate to the poles forming a dumb-bell shaped nucleus by telophase. Daughter nuclei are formed by constriction of the nuclear envelope. Cytokinesis is accomplished by furrowing. Cell division in Euglena is compared with that of certain other algae.

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