Two families of sterol methyltransferases are involved in the first and the second methylation steps of plant sterol biosynthesis

Eur J Biochem. 1998 Aug 15;256(1):88-96. doi: 10.1046/j.1432-1327.1998.2560088.x.


Two methyl transfers are involved in the biosynthesis of 24-methyl and 24-ethyl sterols, which play major roles in plant growth and development. The first methyl transfer applies to cycloartenol, the second to 24-methylene lophenol. About ten cDNA clones encoding S-adenosyl-L-methionine (AdoMet) sterol methyltransferases (SMTs) have been isolated so far from various plants. According to their deduced amino acid sequences, they were classified in two families, smtl and smt2; in addition, smt2 cDNAs were shown to encode a 24-methylene lophenol C24 methyltransferase [Bouvier-Navé, P., Husselstein, T., Desprez, T. & Benveniste, P. (1997) Eur. J. Biochem. 246, 518-529]. We now report the comparison of two cDNAs isolated from Nicotiana tabacum, Ntsmt1-1 which belongs to the first SMT cDNA family and Ntsmt2-1 which belongs to the second. Both cDNAs were expressed in the yeast null mutant erg6, deficient in SMT. Whereas erg6 is devoid of 24-alkyl sterols, erg6 Ntsmt1-1 contained a majority of 24-methylene sterols and erg6 Ntsmt2-1, a majority of 24-ethylidene sterols, indicating distinct functions for the expression products of these cDNAs. In the presence of AdoMet, delipidated microsomes from erg6 Ntsm1-1 efficiently converted cycloartenol into 24-methylene cycloartanol, but did not produce any 24-ethylidene lophenol upon incubation with 24-methylene lophenol. This demonstrates that cDNA Ntsmt1-1 (and most probably the other plant SMT cDNAs of the first family) encode(s) a cycloartenol C24 methyltransferase. In contrast, delipidated microsomes of erg6 Ntsmt2-1 were shown to methylate preferentially 24-methylene lophenol, as expected from an SMT encoded by an smt2 cDNA. In summary, among various cDNAs isolated from N. tabacum, one (Ntsmt1-1) belongs to the first family of plant SMT cDNAs according to its deduced amino acid sequence and was shown to encode a cycloartenol C24 methyltransferase, whereas another (Ntsmt2-1) belongs to the second family and was shown to encode a 24-methylene lophenol C24 methyltransferase. Meanwhile, two cDNAs were isolated from Oriza sativa and shown to belong to smtl and to smt2 families, respectively. These data disclose the coexistence, in a given plant species, of two distinct SMTs, each catalyzing one step of methylation in the sterol biosynthesis pathway.

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