Identification of surrogate agonists for the human FPRL-1 receptor by autocrine selection in yeast

Nat Biotechnol. 1998 Dec;16(13):1334-7. doi: 10.1038/4310.


We describe a procedure for isolating agonists for mammalian G protein-coupled receptors of unknown function. Human formyl peptide receptor like-1 (FPRL-1) receptor, originally identified as an orphan G protein-coupled receptor related to the formyl peptide receptor (FPR1), was expressed in Saccharomyces cells designed to couple receptor activation to histidine prototrophy. Selection for histidine prototrophs among transformants obtained with a plasmid-based library encoding random peptides identified six different agonists, each of whose production yielded autocrine stimulation of the receptor expressed in yeast. A synthetic version of each peptide promoted activation of FPRL-1 expressed in human embryonic kidney (HEK293) cells, and five of the peptides exhibited significant selectivity for activation of FPRL-1 relative to FPR1. One selective peptide was tested and found to mobilize calcium in isolated human neutrophils. This demonstrates that stimulation of FPRL-1 results in neutrophil activation and suggests that the receptor functions as a component of the inflammatory response. This autocrine selection protocol may be a generally applicable method for providing pharmacological tools to evaluate the physiological roles of the growing number of mammalian orphan G protein-coupled receptors.

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