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, 158 (3), 593-601

High Rates of [1-14C]acetate Incorporation Into the Lipid of Isolated Spinach Chloroplasts

High Rates of [1-14C]acetate Incorporation Into the Lipid of Isolated Spinach Chloroplasts

P G Roughan et al. Biochem J.


Spinach chloroplasts, isolated by techniques yielding preparations with high O2- evolving activity, showed rates of light-dependent acetate incorporation into lipids 3-4 fold higher than any previously reported. Incorporation rates as high as 500 nmol of acetate/h per mg of chlorophyll were measured in buffered sorbitol solutions containing only NaHCO3 and [1-14C]acetate, and as high as 800 nmol/h per mg of chlorophyll when 0.13 mM-Triton X-100 was also included in the reaction media. The fatty acids synthesized were predominantly oleic (70-80% of the total fatty acid radioactivity) and palmitic (20-25%) with only minor amounts (1-5%) of linoleic acid. Linolenic acid synthesis was not detected in the system in vitro. Free fatty acids accounted for 70-90% of the radioactivity incorporated and the remainder was shared fairly evenly between 1,2-diacylglycerols and polar lipids. Oleic acid constituted 80-90% of the free fatty acids synthesized, but the diacylglycerols and polar lipids contained slightly more palmitic acid than oleic acid. Triton X-100 stimulated the synthesis of diacylglycerols 3-6 fold, but stimulated free fatty acid synthesis only 1-1.5-fold. Added glycerol 1-phosphate stimulated both the synthesis of diacylglycerols and palmitic acid relative to oleic acid, but did not increase acetate incorporation into total chloroplast lipids. CoA and ATP, when added separately, stimulated acetate incorporation into chloroplast lipids to variable extents and had no effect on the types of lipid synthesized, but when added together resulted in 34% of the incorporated acetate appearing in long-chain acyl-CoA. Pyruvate was a much less effective precursor of chloroplast fatty acids than was acetate.

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