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. 1998;4:259-84.
doi: 10.1016/s1387-2656(08)70073-5.

Archaeon Pyrococcus Kodakaraensis KOD1: Application and Evolution


Archaeon Pyrococcus Kodakaraensis KOD1: Application and Evolution

S Fujiwara et al. Biotechnol Annu Rev. .


Archaea is the third domain which is phylogenetically differentiated from the other two domains, bacteria and eucarya. Hyperthermophile within the archaea domain has evolved most slowly retaining many ancestral features of higher eukaryotes. Pyrococcus kodakaraensis KOD1, which grows at 95 degrees C optimally, is a newly isolated hyperthermophilc archaeon. The KOD1 strain possesses a circular genome, whose size is estimated to be approximately 2,036 kb. KOD1 enzymes involved in the genetic information processing system, such as DNA polymerase, Rec protein, aspartyl tRNA synthetase and molecular chaperonin, share features of eukaryotic enzymes. Rapid and accurate PCR method by KOD1 DNA polymerase and enzyme stabilization system by KOD1 chaperonin are also introduced in this article.

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