Reiki as an alternative healing method

Common Factor. 1995 Apr:(no 10):9.


AIDS: Reiki is an Asian theory that assumes humans are energy, and that by manipulating this energy with the hands, healing can occur. The healing art of Reiki is presently practiced by 200,000 practitioners throughout the world. It is believed that this gentle form of healing, while not capable of harming anyone, can result in a detoxification of the body that may produce some mild discomfort, such as headache, fatigue, or even mild flu-like symptoms, for a short time after treatment. For some with HIV/AIDS, this can be especially disconcerting. Some Reiki practitioners charge $80 or more for treatment. This price is viewed as excessive, and those seeking treatment should select someone offering a sliding scale or a flat rate fee of no more than $40 per session.

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