[Effect on sewage sludge composting with different aeration modes]

Huan Jing Ke Xue. 2001 May;22(3):54-9.
[Article in Chinese]


Two kinds of aeration modes, five kinds of amendment were tested in sewage sludge composting. The pile temperature rose to the set temperature(60 degrees C) and could maintain some thermophilic period. The pathogen reduction of sewage sludge compost met with the control standard. Compared with positive forced aeration, the natural aeration combined with positive forced aeration made the pile temperature rise faster and consume less energy. However, the positive forced aeration could accelerate the moisture content reduction and the organic matter degradation of mixtures of sewage sludge and amendment. The moisture content of raw materials affected the composting process very much, and should be less than 80%. The pH value of raw materials need to be adjusted during the sewage sludge composting process.

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